The Ingrain Advantage

Why Digital Rocks

Production will come from increasingly complex reservoirs for which new technologies are needed

  • Most of the worlds known reserves are in complex carbonate, heavy oil, tight gas or unconventional reservoirs


Unconventional reservoirs require a multi-layered reservoir characterization model for better petrophysical determinations

  • Digital rock analysis provides a quantitative understanting of fine-grained strata and intricate pore networks overlooked by other methods.   


Adding Value to Current Rock Analysis in a Shorter Timeframe

  • New methodologies to identify and select zones of interest 

  • Understanding the distribution of reservoir rock properties

  • Technology can be applied to anything from whole core to rock fragments

  • Significantly shorter turnaround time - days not months


It captures a digital archive of your core and plugs before beginning any kind of rock analysis.

  • Easily view and share core/plug data from any computer
  • Build compelling visualizations to describe complicated geologic processes


Build tighter models with more accurate sample selection

Reduce sample redundancy utilizing detailed rock typing machine learning based techniques. Typical lab plug measurements can included mixed rock fabrics.

Leverage your rock typing by adding geological classifications based on textures identified with Digital Rock Analysis.