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Ingrain Digital Rock Physics Services

Ingrain’s digital rock physics lab provides rock characterization technology for all reservoir types. Our workflows provide accurate rock physics properties in challenging reservoirs in a fraction of the time associated with conventional laboratories.

Using our proprietary computations, we determine the full range of dynamic rock fluid flow properties. We can provide all properties on a single sample, allowing for a significant increase in useable data and interrelations between properties.


Ingrain Deliverables

CoreHD® High-Definition Whole Core X-ray CT Imaging

  • High resolution 3D dynamic images of whole core

  • Bulk density and effective atomic number logs at sub-millimeter resolution

  • Optimize number and location of plugs

  • Digital archive fast-ready access for collaboration between reservoir teams


X, Y & Z where appropriate

  • Rock typing

  • Screening for conventional lab tests

  • Pore size distribution

  • Mineralogy

  • Porosity (total,connected & isolated)

  • Absolute Permeability in mulitple axes (x,y,z)

  • Electical Properties (formation factor, cementation exponent "m")

  • Elastic Properties (Vp, Vs, E, K, G, Poisson’s ratio)

Special Core Analysis

  • Relative Permeability including Swirr & Sor

  • Capillary Pressure including Swirr & Sor

  • Resistivity Index & Saturation exponent "n"


*3D shale vRock® where red represents disconnected porosity, green
 represents organic matter and blue represents connected porosity.