Ingrain HSE

Ingrain is committed to providing quality services and products in a manner that promotes the health and safety of our employees and protects the environment. All Ingrain employees and contractors are required to actively participate in our QHSE program and recognize their responsibility to take reasonable care for the health and safety or themselves and fellow workers.

We are committed to:
• Striving for the improvement of health and safety of our people at all times
• Ensuring customer satisfaction by consistently meeting their requirements
• Effectively manage our QHSE system by setting objectives, measuring results and continually improving processes
• Assessing our work processes and plans in order to assess hazards and minimize risks
• Minimizing our impact on the environment through reduction and recycling of waste and natural resource use
• Encouraging full participation of all our employees and contractors for the continual improvement of the quality, health and safety performance of Ingrain

This policy shall be regularly reviewed to ensure our commitments are in addition to the basic obligations of applicable laws and regulations where we operate.