New Method Adds Value to Wolfcamp Porosity, Organic-Matter Measurements

Joel Walls, Ingrain, Tiffany Rider, Ingrain; and Stephanie Perry, Anadarko, (2016, December), Journal of Petroleum Technology, JPT Magazine, Volume 68, Number 12, pp 19-21. 

A new technique that analyzes scanning electron microscope (SEM) images of formation samples has been used to measure porosity and total organic carbon (TOC) in the Wolfcamp Shale of the Delaware Basin in west Texas. The technique’s application has led to methods and findings that can be used to determine oil-in-place values, which are a key factor in enhanced oil recovery and reserves determinations. One of the main conclusions of this article is that clay-bound-water (CBW) porosity is one of the major contributors to the differences between SEM-image based porosity and dry-helium porosity. Download the article here