Applying Digital Rock Characterization to a New Anadarko Basin Shale Play - URTeC: 2459710

Tiffany Hintzman*, Joel D Walls, Anyela Morcote, Ingrain Inc.


Two wells were drilled in an emerging Anadarko basin shale play from the same formation with one well downdip from the other. Multi-scale digital rock properties (DRP) were obtained from core and plug samples, to evaluate rock quality. From vertical well #1, dual energy X-ray CT imaging and spectral gamma logging (SGR) was performed along 146 continuous feet of slabbed core. This data was used to compute bulk density (RHOB), photoelectric factor (PEF), mineralogy, total organic content (TOC) and brittleness index (BI).

For each DRP sample, bulk mineralogy and TOC was measured using Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR). Sub-samples were selected for SEM imaging using X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analysis and micro-CT X-ray imaging. Ion-milled SEM data and 3D FIB-SEM data from the 15 samples was used to measure effective porosity (PhiE), solid organic matter (OM), porosity associated with organic matter (PAOM), apparent transformation ratio (ATR) and horizontal absolute permeability (Kh). We compared DRP to traditional lab measurements, including LECO TOC, Tmax, XRD mineralogy, porosity, and permeability. The range in porosity measurements obtained from both traditional lab methods and DRP were used by the operator to calculate different cases of original oil in place (OOIP) over their acreage area.

We compared the rock quality of this new play to similar major shale plays in the US. The analysis indicates that this new play has TOC, porosity, and permeability that are favorable for hydrocarbon production and comparable to some of the major North American shale plays. DRP measurements confirm traditional lab measurements and provide important additional information about the prevalence and connectivity of organic matter pores. This information will be used to determine the likelihood of successful commercial development in this new area.

Full paper available here via OnePetro.

This paper was prepared for presentation at URTeC held in San Antonio, 1-3 August 2016.


Copyright 2016, Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTeC) DOI 10.15530-urtec-2016-2459710