Analysis of New Production Targets in the Springer Shale within the South Central Oklahoma Oil Province (SCOOP) Utilizing the Latest Digital Rock Techniques

Tiffany Hintzman, Joel D Walls, Anyela Morcote, Bryan Guzman, Ingrain Inc. Houston Geological Society Bulletin, 2017 March Issue, Volume 59, Number 7, pages 30-31.

The South Central Oklahoma Oil Province (SCOOP) has been a main stay of domestic oil for decades. The Woodford shale has been a popular target within this region. Recently, new production within the younger Springer shale has caught the eye of operators. Whole core and rotary side wall core samples were recovered from this formation to undergo both physical and digital rock analysis in order to gain a better understanding of the geologic properties that are contributing to production. The integration of this data sheds addition light on what could be another popular target within the SCOOP. Read full article here.

Author: Joel Walls